Carnage comes to Toronto

Well written with some thought provoking questions.

Robby Robin's Journey

I find it difficult – no, impossible – to write about travel, running, or retirement in the immediate aftermath of the senseless carnage in Toronto on Monday. It was just a week ago that we left Toronto after a pleasant 4-day stay there, filled with family time and theatre-going. The only downside was the poor weather, which was cold and wet, culminating in an unprecedented 2-day April ice storm that played havoc with all means of transportation, including our ability to fly home on schedule.

Fast forward a week and everything is turned on its head. The weather made a rapid and dramatic change for the better. Spring has sprung, and with that the feeling that life is good. Walking down the street you have shivered along as quickly as possible all winter suddenly becomes a stroll. The air smells different. We want to soak it all in. Which is…

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Memories of working: timeless treasures from my office bulletin board

I love the thoughts and especially the cartoons!

Robby Robin's Journey

The other day, I finally bestirred myself to take some action in cleaning out our overflowing collection of books before the deadline for the annual book sale passes and, lo and behold, I came across a box left from when I cleared out my office at work over ten years ago. These were the precious books and assorted papers I couldn’t bear to throw out at the time. And, of course, I hadn’t opened the box since, until now. Precious indeed! One of the treasures I uncovered was a file folder labelled “Jane’s Bulletin Board”, which turned out to contain some cherished items I had saved from my office bulletin board, including some cartoons that I had found very funny – and relevant – at the time.

Keeping in mind that when I retired I was part of  the (not-always-popular) university administration, most of the cartoons featured on my bulletin board poked…

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