A tribute to my chosen country: Happy Canada Day, Canada!

Robby Robin's Journey

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Freedom to choose, most of us make decisions that impact our lives all the time. Sometimes our decisions turn out to be inspired, other times not so much so. Sometimes they turn out to life-changing, other times pretty mundane. As it happens, my decision as a high school senior in the suburbs of NYC to choose McGill over my other options for university (which I called ‘school’ or ‘college’ at the time, in the American vernacular) was both inspired and life-changing. I’ll be honest, I made that choice on a whim. I liked the idea that it wasn’t what people were expecting, that I’d be living was in a big city instead of in a sleepy campus town, and that Montreal had a real winter. Those were the winning criteria for my 17-year old self.

The unanticipated consequence was that, aside from…

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Freedom to choose

Wow, Jane this is really well thought out and certainly hits home. Thnks.

Robby Robin's Journey

I’ve been mulling over the challenges we face when we find ourselves having to rely on others for some (or all) aspects of our lives after having been independent for as long as we can remember. After having made our own decisions for as long as we can remember. This isn’t easy, not easy at all. It may happen because of mobility issues or other limitations due to infirmity, or simply because of advanced age. When my nephew posted this fabulous image on Facebook earlier today I realized that what I’ve been thinking about is really how to preserve our freedom to choose – to make our own decisions – in the face of limited independence.

I know, this sounds like a sobering subject, but not nearly as sobering as the world’s political landscape right now, and at the moment it feels like there’s far more chance of helping improve our…

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2026 World Cup To Be Hosted By Canada, Mexico, And Baroness Ivanka’s Shoe Emporium Of America — The Out And Abouter

In an announcement that was more a scathing inditement of the West’s tolerance for tagines and cous-cous, than it was an endorsement of the North American fitness to host anything less aggressive than a Maury Povich talkshow; Mexico, Canada, and the last nostril-singeing vestiges of the great experiment known as the United States were today […]

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Nobel Prize Now A Near-Certainty For Trump After He Does The Impossible And Unites Canada

The Out And Abouter

lightx-12 Canadians of all political beliefs came together to say they hope that asshole never comes back.

Even as the backlash grows against Donald Trump, and his complex new foreign policy of ‘Blame Canada,’ pundits are saying that while it may not have been intentional, the president deserves his share of the credit for doing what many observers believed was an impossible task: getting Canadians to agree on something.

“Think of him as having the diplomatic effect of an intoxicated bull in a china shop with very, very narrow aisles,” said Sven Bjurn, head of the Norwegian thinktank ‘Dum-Dum,’ which directly translates as ‘The Institute For Observing The Effects Of Trumpism On Bilateral International Relations.’

“Despite his having destroyed the store and then pooped on the carpet, there is nothing left for those in charge of the china shop to do but come together, clean up the mess, and long for…

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Terrifying Images Emerge From Within Once-Peaceful-Now-A-Security-Threat Nation Of Canada

Wow, we really do live in a scary country!

The Out And Abouter

WARNING: The following article contains images of people generally enjoying life and not bothering anyone. They cannot be unseen.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s declaration that Canada represents a security threat, and then using that declassified intelligence as justification to tariff the northern nation back to a safe status, images are beginning to emerge from the peace-torn nation. They paint a horrifying picture of a depravedly-genial country in which many people live their entire lives without holding a loaded gun, or threatening to use such, and where speaking out against the nation’s overbearing rulers can get you a witheringly polite defense of your right to debate in a townhall meeting. Yes. It is stomach turning. Again, the images below are not for the dark of heart.

giphyWarring Canadian factions, seen here performing the dreaded seat-dance shortly before sharing some form of a snack. Note that even their respective tribes…

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