New Brunswick, Canada! You’re going to hate it! 

Great reasons to visit this beautiful province.

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If you hate sandy beaches, friendly people, world class seafood and breathtaking natural views; then I am pretty certain you won’t like N.B.!

New Brunswick, in my opinion, is one of the most overlooked provinces in Canada. If you are not from Canada, it’s the one province that you have most likely never heard of.

Map of Atlantic Canada

It’s situated in the between Quebec, Maine, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It has no bestselling novels with a red headed pig tail girl about it, Sidney Crosby isn’t from here, and Hollywood stars don’t vacation here in million-dollar summer homes.  It is a plain and simply a forgotten province which more people tend to pass through on their way to other places.

The goal of this post is to highlight a few of the awesome things about South Eastern N.B. that you probably won’t like one bit.

Here are five random, things about…

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Choosing to be happy

What an amazing philosophy to live by and yet so simple. Thank you so much for sharing.

Robby Robin's Journey

In a recent post, Bucket lists, quests, and meaning in life, I explored the theory that there is more happiness in the pursuit of a personal goal or quest than in the accomplishment itself. Chris Guillebeau described this convincingly and entertainingly in his book, The Happiness of Pursuit. I had a number of comments, both on the blog and on Facebook, but one email response really stood out. This response came from a long-time friend who also happens to be the dean of libraries at my university, the very library where I found the books that inspired the post. Lesley connected the happiness of pursuit with making the choice to be happy.

She shared with me that as she read my thoughts about the happiness of pursuit, she was reminded of her mother and how she had lived her life by choosing to be happy. Having known her…

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Celebrate the Human Spirit

Yes indeed it would be wonderful if we could learn from this but humanity seems to have one major flaw that gets in the way occasionally—- greed!

Life After 50

For the past few days, many of us have been holding our breath as we have been watching the coverage of the rescue attempt of 12 boys & their coach from a cave in Thailand.

After 18 days, thankfully & miraculously, all 13 have now been safely brought to the surface through the efforts of thousands of volunteers.

As this international team of volunteers assembled, gathering their expertise to work towards a common effort, it struck me that if this is not an example of how we can work together as human beings collectively towards a positive outcome, I don’t know what is.

We can & should learn from this experience.

Regardless of where we come from, what religion we practice, what colour our skin is or what culture we happen to immerse ourselves in, if we all work together as human beings, what we can accomplish is nothing short of…

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Mediterranean Migrants Consider New Route To Safety Through Thai Caves

The Out And Abouter

Having seen the united, multinational efforts undertaken to help rescue a group of young Thai soccer players and their coach trapped deep underground, thousands of migrants currently contemplating crossing the Mediterranean in flimsy or decrepit boats are considering making their way into flooded Thai caves in hopes of garnering similar levels of compassion as those poured onto the remote hills of Southeast Asia over the past two weeks. 

“I’m told that diving experts from the United States and Britain flew to Thailand to risk their lives to swim through a treacherous cave to rescue these boys,” says Faven Ali, a young mother of three from Somalia. She is currently on the Libyan coast awaiting either a chance to drown in the Mediterranean as yachts cruise by in the distance; be rescued, only to have various nations argue over who will allow her rescuers to enter their ports; or not be…

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5 tips for achieving a manageable work-life balance

Excellent tips for workalcholics.

Robby Robin's Journey

Work-life balance is huge these days. The lack thereof, that is. I can remember before my mother went back to work, way back in 1960 or so, she would have killed for that kind of challenge. She was bored and frustrated by being “stuck” at home while the rest of us went off to lead our lives (to work or to school). Ironing basket loads of clothes and making sure that dinner would be ready when we all got home was not her idea of life or balance.

All these years later there are way, way more women who can enjoy the satisfaction of having their own careers. That can only be a good thing, for many reasons. But, as we all know, having two people working at busy jobs, especially when there are children of school age or younger at home, makes for very busy households with scant time…

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