Mediterranean Migrants Consider New Route To Safety Through Thai Caves

The Out And Abouter

Having seen the united, multinational efforts undertaken to help rescue a group of young Thai soccer players and their coach trapped deep underground, thousands of migrants currently contemplating crossing the Mediterranean in flimsy or decrepit boats are considering making their way into flooded Thai caves in hopes of garnering similar levels of compassion as those poured onto the remote hills of Southeast Asia over the past two weeks. 

“I’m told that diving experts from the United States and Britain flew to Thailand to risk their lives to swim through a treacherous cave to rescue these boys,” says Faven Ali, a young mother of three from Somalia. She is currently on the Libyan coast awaiting either a chance to drown in the Mediterranean as yachts cruise by in the distance; be rescued, only to have various nations argue over who will allow her rescuers to enter their ports; or not be…

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