Go-go, go-slow, or no-go?

Excellent thoughts on living life in the now, thanks Jane.

Robby Robin's Journey

Go-go, go-slow, or no-go? This might be the question you ask yourself as you wake up on a weekend morning after a late night, knowing that you have lots to accomplish before the day is out. How am I feeling? Full of energy or at least full of motivation?  Not so much so, but it’ll get done somehow?  Or, forget it, I’m staying in bed?  Or it might be the question you ask yourself in a critical meeting, when you’re trying to decide which strategy is most likely to meet with success (either for you and your position or for the greater good). Should I dive in fully committed to this approach, even though I’m not sure it will be the best path for me? Should I voice a position of non-committal or compromise, trying to keep my options open? Or should I dig in my heels and say no?


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