A View On Borders, And The Migrants Between Them

Thank you Paul for so eloquently expressing your views and exposing some of our conventional hypocrisies. It would be wonderful if more of us could be just a little more open minded.

The Out And Abouter

AdrienPaci ‘Vite In Transito’, by Adrien Paci.

This isn’t satire.

One of the topics this site most frequently satirizes is the movement of people across international borders. Specifically, I do this from an angle that pokes at the anger and fear with which some citizens of Western nations greet or discuss those who would join their countries to try to build a better life; or by deriding the brand of political leader – increasingly common in the world today – who tries to inflame their voters’ distrust of others to fuel their own political ambitions.

Occasionally these posts strike a nerve with people who like these leaders, or dislike the idea of humanitarianism (especially when it’s hard), or both. Offended, these readers will sometimes challenge me on my views. While I frequently have to decline these invitations to debate, beginning as they often do with suggestions that I eat a large…

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