Rivers, floods, and climate change

Ah yes the joys of seasonal fluctuations enhanced by climate change– welcome to unprecedented change!

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It’s spring. Sometimes known in northern reaches such as ours as mud season. To be clear, spring in these parts usually starts several weeks after March 21, after the winter’s snow has really left. And, if you live near a river in these northern climes, mud season comes after the nail-biting spring freshet. The spring freshet is the thaw that happens when the accumulated snow and ice in the river’s watershed melt and swell the river. The nail-biting part is from the anxiety caused by waiting to see if the thaw will be nice and gradual, aka benign, or rapid and dangerous, maybe even very dangerous.

In the past several years, rivers that historically produced destructive floods infrequently are starting to reach damaging flood levels entirely too often. The website floodlist.com does a good job of showing just how extensive flooding has become around the world. In eastern Canada this…

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Earth Warns Other Planets It Might Be Contagious — The Out And Abouter

After breaking out in a massive rash, and suddenly beginning to feel quite feverish, the planet Earth was today forced to inform its co-globes that it thought it might be coming down with something. And it couldn’t rule out that it might be contagious. Things began to unravel for the otherwise unremarkable third rock from […]

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Our increasingly technologically-driven world needs humans at the helm, and not just techies

This certainly raises a few questions and hopefully gets us all thinking a little more.

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We keep being told that automation is going to impact virtually everything in our lives. Work, shopping, communicating, driving, health care, you name it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biotech are going to become the foundation for pretty well all we do, and even who we are.

Can this really be true? Is it inevitable? Does it matter to us as individuals? Should we care? For a teaser as to what is currently happening at edges that don’t impact too many of us directly (yet), read the following passage and see what you think.

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