Gratitude and Canada Day: a recipe for good health!

So happy we have connected and I am able to pass on your writings, especially this one. The power of gratitude is often overlooked but it is indeed quite powerful.

Robby Robin's Journey

Monday is July 1, better known to those of us in the North as Canada Day. The Canada Day weekend is a time when the whole country takes time to enjoy family, community, and summer, and to celebrate Canada’s birthday, this year its 152nd. For me, part of that celebration is a quiet, personal sense of gratitude that by a fairly arbitrary decision taken by a 17-year old (me) 56 years ago – to attend McGill University, seemingly for 4 years – I had not only chosen a wonderful university experience in a fantastic city (Montreal), but had also serendipitously chosen a wonderful new country in which to spend the rest of my life. My gratitude for having become Canadian knows no bounds.

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but if you google “gratitude” and “health” you will quickly come to many links…

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