Racism, and finding a way forward towards a world based on compassion (rather than on money and power)

Excellent article that forced me to look inward a little more and realize I still have some work cut out for me! Thanks Jane.

Robby Robin's Journey

I haven’t been writing many blog posts recently. Why? I’ve been too worn down by the increasing nastiness in the world, including from world leaders whose words should attempt to encourage every single citizen to feel included, providing them with the best support possible. That’s what enlightened leadership is all about, which sadly seems to be in short supply these days. Some talk the talk, but few are walking their talk to the extent one might hope. And on the biggest stages of all, the talk alone is nothing short of appalling and heartbreaking. I find it hard to move on from, but move on I must.

Last week there was an intriguing opinion piece in Toronto’s Globe and Mail entitled ‘Where are you from?’ In search of my Canadian identity by Esi Edugyan, two time Giller Prize-winning Canadian novelist. Her article reflects on the strength of Canada’s policy –…

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