We can’t just stand up for our values when it’s convenient

Wow, thanks for sharing this and it is strange that our beloved CBC didn’t pick this up first?

Robby Robin's Journey

Canada is in the midst of an election (of 6 weeks duration rather than 2+ years) and as most people know, our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has gotten himself into an unwanted controversy due to some pictures of him in ‘brownface’ and ‘blackface’ that have emerged from some 18+ years ago. Many people have lamented the fact that the media – and many politicians – have not used this situation to engage in a more fulsome public discussion on racism and broader discrimination, as opposed to dwelling on Trudeau’s lack of judgment at the time. It’s a missed learning opportunity.

In an opinion piece on September 21, Mayor Naheed Nenshi of Calgary does an impressive job of presenting the realities and complexities of continuing broadly-based discrimination in Canada – with parallels in many other countries. Such an impressive job, in fact, that I thought it worthwhile sharing as widely as possible…

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