Dear American – a letter from your friend, Canada.

rom my perspective, white middle class Canadian, I think this is one of the strongest, most eloquent pieces I have read in a long time defending and promoting the goodness of American people. For a lot of years I spent 2 months a year working and promoting in the US back in the 70’s and 80’s and yes I saw of the bad ( I was mugged in Cleveland) but overwhelmingly it is the good people I remember.
Thank you so much for such a readable article.

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Dear America,

I moved here in August of 2016; three months before your last election. Since then I have held back from sharing my personal political opinions; primarily because I feel that, as a guest in your country, it’s not my place and frankly, it would be rude.

I’m now preparing to leave the US to go back to Canada, but before I go, I wanted to share a few of my observations; as a friend.

Because, who are we kidding, Canada is your best friend; we know you better than any of your other friends. We’re your closest neighbor; we grow up watching your TV and listening to your music. We know you to be proud, passionate and at times a bit rowdy and rambunctious and we love you for it.

Although we know everything about you, we know that you know much less about us; and that’s ok, because…

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