What legacy will neo-liberal greed and climate change leave for our kids?

Another great article about our stupidity re greed and growth at all costs. Thank you Matthew.

Matthew Wright

I was deeply impressed by last week’s climate change rally – I was in central Wellington, New Zealand, when the local march came past. It was not just for kids; people of all ages were there. And it pointed up the fact that what’s happening today will impact the next generation. And the one after that – and more. It’s a shift that will impact how humanity lives and exists over the next centuries. If we survive. Is that fair on today’s kids, or the kids they will undoubtedly have in time? Of course not. And yet the hate poured on such individuals as Greta Thunberg – for pointing out the obvious – seems incredible.

Climate change rally in central Wellington – photo I snapped with my phone.

That hate, as far as I can tell, has come from those who stand to lose the most if the necessary steps…

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