We all know that we will die, so why do we struggle to believe it?

In the novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich (1886), Leo Tolstoy presents a man who is shocked by suddenly realising that his death is inevitable. While we can easily appreciate that the diagnosis of a terminal illness came as an unpleasant surprise, how could he only then discover the fact of his mortality? But that [...]

The Bold, Inquisitive and Noisy Jay(1 image) – Let’s Change Our Hearts for Birds

Nothing better than the sounds of birds in the woods, thank you fro sharing.

Magical Elements Nature Photography

Birds are miraculous beings, they provide nature’s songs and are amazing to observe. Modern birds have inhabited the earth for over 100 million years, they deserve to be protected and be a part of our thought process in our daily lives through our conservation efforts and in whatever ways we can be kinder to the earth. Birds like all wildlife have a place in our ecosystem, let’s be the change they need to keep the earth alive and healthy.

Climate Vulnerability and the Stellar’s Jay:

From the National Audubon Society:The same climate change-driven threats that put wildlife and people at risk also effects birds.

Spring heat waves endanger young birds in the nest.

Summer brings fire weather, wildfires incinerate habitat, and if they burn repeatedly, prevent it from recovering.

Winter – Did you know that in winter, birds such as Stellar’s Jay have little to protect them from the cold?…

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Going totally dieselpunk with the Antarctic Snow Cruiser

A little history for today.

Matthew Wright

Picture the scene: you’re standing on an ice-shelf in Antaractica circa 1940 and suddenly spot a huge orange-red vehicle approaching on just four 10-foot high balloon tyres. It’s got a small aircraft on its back. And it’s absolutely enormous: 16 feet high, 20 feet wide and 55 feet long – a giant of a vehicle straight out of Flash Gordon.

This sounds like a bonkers dieselpunk fantasy – the sort of vehicle somebody might build in 1/72 scale and plop into an Antarctic diorama. We can imagine such a diorama would also feature the inevitable secret Nazi base. Except it isn’t. The Antarctic Snow Cruiser, aka Penguin 1, actually existed. The Nazis had a bit to do with it, to the extent that German interest in the Antarctic sub-continent was growing during the 1930s and, inevitably, the other major powers also felt they needed to get involved.

It was against…

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What do singing and baseball have in common?

Great article and very interesting comparing work and talent. I’m sure most of us know someone (maybe even ourselves?) who we think could have done so much more if they (we) had only committed and worked.

Robby Robin's Journey

If anyone had asked me that question a few weeks ago I just would have laughed. I love singing and I enjoy watching baseball on TV, but having anything in common, yeah, right! Until I attended a weekend choral workshop a few weeks ago and started thinking differently. OK, I didn’t start thinking they had much in common, but for advice on how to be the best you can be at your “game”, they have more in common than I would have thought.

Choral workshops, for those of you who might wonder what in heaven’s name that is, bring together lots of keen singers (90 from across our province in this case) to work on a well-regarded major piece (Mozart’s Requiem in this case) with a highly regarded guest conductor (the awesome Doug Dunsmore in this case) to spend the weekend practicing (and practicing and practicing) and learning techniques to…

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Can you satiate your travel bug while minimizing your impact on the environment?

David Moscrop Special to The Globe and Mail Published November 7, 2019 Updated 8 hours ago This is rather a long article but worth reading to the end to really get a good idea of the environmental impact our travel creates. We’re driving Croatia’s D8 highway, heading north along the Adriatic coast from Cilipi Airport. [...]