The World of Sky Hunters (2 images)

Wow, such a magical creature and so fascinating.

Laura Putman Nature Photography

Dragonflies, known as sky hunters because they catch 95% of their prey midair have been around for over 310 million years, long before the existence of dinosaurs. The first dragonflies had a wingspan from two to three feet, other than that they were the same as the modern day variant.

Beautiful, delicate and colorful, these insects are predatory in nature with a voracious appetite. Because they need plenty of nutrition for their large bodies, they prey on and hunt anything they can overpower including mosquitoes, bees, flies, moths, wasps and butterflies, even one of their own, Dragonflies have a well-earned reputation as cannibals.

Dragonflies have colonized every continent including the Sahara desert. They have astonishing flying skills, flying forward at approximately 35 miles per hour, they can even hover in mid-flight for almost one minute and rotate 360 degrees in place. Moreover, they can fly backwards with similar swiftness. Dragonflies can fly as…

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