Looking at climate change through world maps

Robby Robin's Journey

Welcome to my first instalment of Map Monday. The maps in this post, and their descriptions, come from a fantastic website at carbonmap.org. This particular series, called The Carbon Map, actually has an animated visualization of the maps shown below, plus more. I highly recommend taking a look at their site.

I’ll let the cartograms (which we learned about in my recent post on World Maps), speak for themselves.

Population: In this map, Country sizes show total population (2013) – which includes all residents except refugees. Asia balloons enormously, emphasizing that more than half of the world’s people live there.

Extraction: In this map, Country sizes show the eventual CO emissions from oil, coal and gas extracted (2013) each year. Many of these fuels are exported rather than used domestically, but arguably the countries extracting and selling fossil fuels bear a degree of responsibility for…

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