How do we determine what makes a good life? Just ask the Seven Grandfathers

Thanks Jane for your research and I might add that not only have we the colonizers not followed their teachings, we have not followed any teaching other than “me before we”. But I still carry a faint flicker of hope for humanity that one day we may actually realize that cooperation is better than competition.

Robby Robin's Journey

The philosophy group I belong to (which has been meeting successfully by Zoom the past several weeks) is in the process of considering what topic we’ll explore when we reconvene in the fall. We seem to be choosing between the philosophy of probability, philosophy of law, and the overarching topic of what constitutes a good – or meaningful – life. I am keen on seeing the topic of what constitutes a meaningful life win the day; not surprisingly, this question has been of major interest to philosophers since at least the Greeks, and it’s still a work in progress.

There are so many questions that spring to mind. Is a good life the same thing as a happy life? How do we decide a life is meaningful? Maybe we could add in: how do we lead a good life while under quarantine?! I’ve started doing a tiny, tiny bit of…

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