What the professional athletes are saying transcends sports, damn it. Listen to them and be part of societal change.

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My Social Justice Saturday posts haven’t had a huge uptake, so I’ve been giving those tough topics a bit of a rest. However, watching the NBA and also shy young tennis player Naomi Osaka take such brave stands against racial injustice this week has compelled me to follow their inspiring lead. Every voice is needed. Time to get back on the social justice bandwagon!

I sat up and took notice on Tuesday when the Raptors and Celtics were reported to be in discussions about sitting out Game 1 of their playoff series. The players were so distraught by yet another police shooting of a Black man – 29-year old Jacob Blake – in Kenosha, Wisconsin that they couldn’t wrap their heads around just playing as  if nothing had happened. They had entered the NBA bubble with reluctance as it was, having to leave behind their ability to participate in the…

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Worth considering.

I can't believe it!

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of reincarnation, despite its been scoffed at by much mainstream thought. At first this came from the attraction to Eastern religions, particularly Buddhist and Hindhu. But science has been catching up, and in this article (limited access via Medium) Deepak Chopra gives a nice summary of where things are, sprinkled with his own imagination.

He quotes Jim Tucker’s summary of research that shows that a significant percentage of children, up to the age of six, who have credibly reported experience of previous lives, and where that has been checked out. “There has been no serious questioning of the validity of this research.”

To cut a short story even shorter, Chopra summarises a plausible extension of current science:

What Nature presents, from the level of subatomic particles to the level of DNA, is an endless recycling. Just as physics tells us matter and energy…

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