Map Monday: where are all the whales hanging out on Christmas Day?

Thanks for keeping us thinking about the beauty that surrounds us.

Robby Robin's Journey

I love whales and whale watching, and am blessed to live in an area frequented by several species of whales – during the summer and early fall, that is. They come to gorge on the bounty of the deep and sheltered waters of our beautiful Bay of Fundy. But where are they this time of year? And what about the whale species that we never see on the western shores of the North Atlantic, where are they? You are about to find out in the sequence of maps below. But first …

While I was researching these questions (aka googling) I came across a reason for us all to pay homage to whales over and above their magnificence in the sea. As it turns out, whales are one of nature’s best weapons against climate change. When it comes to saving the planet, one whale is worth thousands of…

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