Required for a truly pandemic-free world – patience and cooperation

Some level headed thoughts on our current situation, thanks Jane.

Robby Robin's Journey

Two things we need lots of more to really wrestle the pandemic into submission – patience and cooperation. Two things we aren’t very good at – patience and cooperation!

After struggling without great success in most countries to try to contain this new, highly contagious virus about which the world’s medical experts knew nothing a year ago, vaccines are now available and everyone sees hope. Sorry, folks, but while having vaccines does offer a glimmer of hope on the horizon, it remains a distant horizon.

Because a significant minority of people (and some leaders) in most wealthy countries have ignored the requirements to stay home and stay safe/wear your mask/social distance, not only has the virus continued to spread, but we have provided the virus with the ideal environment in which to mutate. That’s its main purpose in life: to mutate so as to become more transmissible and more viral. And…

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