Map Monday: what happens to all that plastic?

Maybe we could all use less and reuse more?

Robby Robin's Journey

It was back in December when a fellow blogger, Kavitha at SunshinySA Site,
posted what for me was a sit-up-and-take-notice fact: Coca Cola scores hat trick as world’s worst plastic polluter worldwide.  Yes, for the third year in a row, Coca Cola labels were identified on discarded plastic trash more frequently by cleanup volunteers around the world than any other brand.  What a frightening unintended consequence of having such popular products.

[Click on any map to zoom in on details.]

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This realization reminded me of the horrifying moment a few years ago when I learned that the plastic waste that we have all been conscientiously separating out and putting in recycling bins every other week hasn’t been recycled at all.  It’s been being sent to developing countries in Asia for them to recycle – or to put in their landfills instead of ours. …

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