Dear my children: A Chinese father on parental love and cultural heritage

This is a wonderful article on place, culture and heritage which I have copied from the Globe and Mail's Opinion page. For several years, Lou Yaoxiong has been separated from his son and daughter. He lives in China; they live in the United States. To make up for the distance, he writes philosophical e-mails to [...]

The Brutality of the Second Amendment

The Brutality of the Second Amendment by Dr. John Persico Jr. in Uncategorized Tags: gun control, gun fanatics, gun laws, gun rights, guns, insanity, murder, sane gun laws, second amendment The Second Amendment is the lever for mass genocide in America.  Every day Americans witness another mass killing or wanton murder.  Road rage shootings.  Family violence.  Workplace shootouts.  Shootouts in churches, parking lots, malls, grocery stores, Walmart’s, and on [...]

‘The Story of a National Crime’

A century ago, Dr. Peter Bryce demonstrated that residential schools were designed to kill. Canada’s government ignored him. Adrew Nikiforuk Yesterday | Tyee contributing editor Andrew Nikiforuk is an award-winning journalist whose books and articles focus on epidemics, the energy industry, nature and more Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce was appointed Canada’s first chief officer of medical health [...]