Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men 2.0

Robby Robin's Journey


A post I had forgotten about has started turning up in my daily blog “hits” column, a 3-year old post entitled Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men: wouldn’t that be nice!  Three full years ago.  Long before the January 6 riots in the U.S.  Long before we had even heard of COVID, or wearing masks, social distancing, anti-vaxxers, and “circuit breakers”.  Long before Mother Nature made it abundantly clear, over and over again, that climate change was real and was going to wreak havoc across the planet.  I was primed to write a post this week about how important the gift of kindness is in these stressful times; I had forgotten about how unravelled our world had become prior to the arrival of COVID.

Before I let that post speak for itself – because the message hasn’t really changed – let me remind you of just how powerful a…

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