History Has Its Claws Into You

Time to listen and maybe learn?


Well, the curse has come true. We live in interesting times.

It friggin sucks and I personally had hoped to avoid this. I hoped to live out my allotted span on this earth in an era without any new world wars, great depressions, or global pandemics. Basically nothing that would be a required essay question on a 21st century history exam.

We are hauling up on the two-year anniversary of the Covid 19 pandemic, and even with the amazing success of the vaccines that brought us so much hope this time last year, we’re finding that The Omicron Variant (which sounds so much like a Robert Ludlum novel I can’t help commenting on it everytime I say it) is dragging the whole thing out longer and making everyone more bitter and exhausted than we thought possible a few months ago.

I personally hoped I would never live through a global…

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