Does draft beer actually taste better?

I also really love a good beer and especially different craft beers, of which we have a large choice in the Annapolis Valley

A Better Man


I love beer. There you have it. Compared to wine, it is my preferred choice. Especially after a hard day’s work on a very hot day. I have had people exclaim that the first sip is akin to the first kiss. It might not be too chic as compared to wine but as usual, things are changing, brought about by craft beer. And I always go for an outlet that has it on draft. But does it really make a difference? Or is it only in the mind?

Today’s craft beer scene is overwhelming. Even for those with a grasp on hop varieties and local breweries, combing through a tap list can induce decision paralysis. But if there’s one thing that should guide an order, it’s freshness. Draft beer has long been heralded as the best option, whether for mouthfeel, pressure control or a foamy head. Now that so many…

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