Putin’s dreams of glory versus the reality for the Russian people

Robby Robin's Journey

What Putin has embarked on is impossible to comprehend from any vantage point. It seems that he’s been fuming at his lessened sphere of influence ever since NATO allowed many more countries into their defense fold, right at Russia’s border, including countries that were once part of the Soviet Union.  According to several analyses, he has been fuming ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union and subsequent perceived weakening of Russia as a super-power.  In fact, some of these analyses suggest that he’s pining for the true glory days, the days of the Russian Empire.  Hmm.

But think of what he’s prepared to do to regain this supposed glory.  He’s invaded a sovereign country with absolutely no justification except that he thinks Ukraine owes its allegiance to Russia, by hook or by crook.  As we now all know, he’s prepared to slaughter thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, not…

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