When the most optimistic people aren’t feeling very optimistic

Just a little something to chew on and think about for awhile.

Robby Robin's Journey

These times have been hard on almost everyone in some way or another.  In the past 2+ years (or maybe in the past 6+ years), we’ve learned that no-one is immunefrom the world’s problems: the challenges of global pandemics, the horror of being invaded by another country, or the massively destructive long-term impacts of man-made climate change.  We’ve learned that people aren’t in agreement about whether we should, as a society, try to make things better for everyone or whether we should just look out for ourselves; the “I’m all right, Jack” approach or, even worse, the “I’m all right, Jack, and I’ll screw you whenever possible” approach.

We’ve been reminded that our political leaders don’t necessarily agree on what’s in their constituents’ – or the world’s – best interest, although they do agree that getting re-elected is a good thing.  We’ve been reminded that capitalism, when it…

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