Easter, Passover, and Ramadan are aligning in 2022, but their underlying messages aren’t getting out!.

Ah the ages old story of Peace.

Robby Robin's Journey

For people celebrating Easter and Passover this weekend, it’s unusual for these two important religious celebrations to have the same dates, but fairly common for them to occur in close proximity. The dates for both are tied to the beginning of spring. Don’t forget, Jesus’ Last Supper was a Passover (Pesach) Seder meal that Jesus and his disciples had to celebrate that holiday. But it is very unusual for them to occur while Ramadan is being celebrated as well. This year the three major “Western” religions, all of which began in the same part of the world, mark their celebrations of hope and renewal at the same time.

This is meant to be a time of joy, reflection, and messages of hope within each religion community, both in family units and in places of worship. Interestingly and encouragingly, the messages are similar. They are similar and they convey compassion and…

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