With so much despair in the world, maybe a little humour can help … a bit!

Angst and humour!

Robby Robin's Journey

So many events in the world are tearing us apart. I’ll get to what I hope will bring you a few laughs, but first I need to unburden myself of some  of what’s causing my despair.  This is, sadly, hardly a complete list.

The current state of the world has us wondering about the competence – and compassion – of too many political leaders.

  • Some political leaders apparently believe it is perfectly acceptable to invade another country and bomb them into oblivion – to free them from the tyranny of being free.
  • Some political leaders believe that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, so everyone should be able to – in fact, encouraged to – own a semi-automatic weapon. What the heck, buy as many as you want; I’m sure that’s just what the Founding Fathers had in mind 234 years ago.  Now, had those most recent victims been…

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