Today – Summer Solstice – is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada

Robby Robin's Journey

National Indigenous Peoples Day is an important day in Canada, one in which Indigenous peoples celebrate their heritage and non-Indigenous Canadians are encouraged to reflect on the critical importance of turning around the devastation the effects of colonialism have had on Indigenous peoples.  “Colonialism” is a polite way of speaking of the brutal treatment of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples by government, police, and churches over centuries.  Slowly, very slowly, Indigenous peoples are taking back their culture, their languages, their pride, and self-determination.  We can all help that process by learning the truth of our colonial past (which hasn’t quite ended yet) and helping our Indigenous neighbours celebrate their heritage.

Last June (2021) I wrote weekly blog posts on Indigenous issues, in honour of the whole month of June being Indigenous History Month (along with Pride Month).  In reading over those posts, I’ve decided it’s appropriate to post an…

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