Embrace your natural grey, unless of course you’re a female newscaster or politician

It is amazing that we can still have dinosaurs like this man in positions of power.

Robby Robin's Journey

Ask hair stylists anywhere and they’ll confirm it: during the pandemic, many, many – many – women made the brave decision to let their hair assume its natural colour.  Finding themselves without access to their hair stylists for months at the beginning of the pandemic, they looked in the mirror as their hair grew and their dye jobs retreated, and decided that maybe going grey wasn’t so bad after all. It didn’t look as bad as they had feared, in fact, it didn’t look so bad at all. And going natural – going grey – brought a surprising sense of freedom.  No more worrying about roots showing.  No more touch-up appointments every few weeks. Embrace your grey.

But it comes with certain risks, as we’ve discovered in Canada this past week. At least if you’re a woman reporting to a man who’s embraced his newly expanded sense of power. Compared…

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