Metaphors for life: instead of Oprah’s running, let’s try farming!

Robby Robin's Journey

“Life is just a bowl of cherries” proclaims one song. And that’s just one example of a metaphor for life. You can find plenty of other suggestions, from a box of chocolates to running (especially that it’s a marathon, not a sprint) to a blank canvas. When I wrote about the suggestion of running as a metaphor for life, as suggested by Oprah Winfrey, a number of people replied with alternative ideas for metaphors for life, all providing challenges to be met and overcome, requiring perseverance and self-belief. Novel writing and other physical (and mental) challenges as dissimilar as mountain climbing and ballet dancing were among the several thoughts.

Given the huge variety of offerings, clearly it boils down to whatever happens to resonate with you. One of the commenters pointed out that for him running is just running. He loves it, appreciates the fact that he can still…

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