Precious Time & Doing the Math

Wise words indeed!

Life After 50

“Life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste.” Bonnie Raitt

It seems the universe of late, in a variety of ways, has been gently reminding me of how very precious time is.

Precious time with family and with friends. Precious time to discover new things and precious time to explore destinations I have dreamed of visiting.

So how does math figure into all of this, you might ask?

I am no mathlete but I have figured this much out!

When we are younger, there appears to be an infinite amount of time in front of us.

At the age of 61, when I give thought to doing the math of the time that may or may not lay ahead, I understand from experience, just how quickly that time will elapse.

That time estimation doesn’t include factoring in any circumstances that could instantly redefine what that timeline might…

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