Integrity in leadership – why isn’t it more top of mind for us when choosing our political leaders?

Robby Robin's Journey

It’s widely known that former U.S. president Jimmy Carter has entered into hospice care. In other words, this 98-year old man, the 39th – and 1 term only – president is preparing for his graceful exit from life on Earth. Jimmy Carter, who at best had fair to middling reviews for his time in office, is generally regarded by admirers and detractors alike to have led an exemplary life as an ex-president. In his pre-president days, and in his pre-governor of Georgia days, he championed the civil rights movement and decried racial segregation. Those were brave positions to take for someone who returned to running the family peanut business in Georgia after leaving service in the U.S. Navy. His work ever since is fairly well know; basically, over the past several decades he and his wife Rosalynn have been heavily involved in non-profit agencies and their projects to improve…

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