Map Monday: Exploring International Francophonie Day and the francophonie in Canada in maps (and words)

A great look at languages and cultures.

Robby Robin's Journey

I bet most of you didn’t know that March 20 is International Francophonie Day. Or even what it is! Established in 1970, UNESCO describes the Francophonie as a coming together of nations and states that celebrates the cultural and linguistic diversity that makes up the world. That is a reason I can buy into. Language represents far more than just a means of communication (good and bad), it represents one’s culture, history, and sense of pride. Just ask people whose cultures have had their language taken away or who feel their native language is at risk. Just ask people whose hearts are warmed by hearing others speak their native language.

According to a Canadian government website:

La Francophonie, officially established in 1970, is currently a group of 88 states and member governments and observers that share French as a common language, as well as values in common. It is…

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