This pandemic is far too important to be left to Ottawa

Jen Gerson: We can't wish away the Constitution. But we can stop filling our provincial legislatures with over-ambitious dimwits. By Jen GersonMay 7, 2021 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a press conference in Ottawa in October. He was joined virtually by Ontario Premier Doug Ford. (Sean Kilpatrick/CP) The news-cycle being what it is of late, by [...]

For Mother’s Day, 5 things I learned from my mother-in-law about aging well

A wonderful story of a great woman so well told, thanks.

Robby Robin's Journey

I need to put the title of this post in context. I did not learn these things from my dearly departed mother-in-law as a result of her explaining their importance to me. She never gave me any advice at all as I recall, at any time. And I didn’t learn these importance lessons by watching her, at least I didn’t realize I was. I’ve learned the lessons since, as I age myself and remember all the things this lovely woman did, quietly and purposefully, as she aged well all the way to nearly 97 years old. Of course, at the time, my husband and I didn’t think much about what she was doing except that it was endearing in its own way. But now we realize just how impressive her approach to her later years were, all on her own as a widow.

My mother-in-law, Eloise, described herself as more…

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Why humans keep failing the moral test

I tend to think we are innately a good species but the news mostly concentrates on the negative because more people will listen?

Matthew Wright

As I have learned more about human nature and the way societies work I’ve come to realise that many of the fundamental frameworks wrapping the darker side of humanity are right there in front of us. Often.

Hi. I’m your teacher…

As just one example, when I was a kid at Nelson Park primary school in Napier, New Zealand, children were routinely punished for things they hadn’t done. Accusation meant guilt, guilt meant punishment; and the teachers took a very great deal of pleasure from finding any excuse to hurt the kids. The problem was that some kids quickly found out they could exploit this by ‘telling on’ other kids – alleging their target had done something against the myriad petty ‘rules’, and so getting them punished. It was a great bullying device. I discovered this when I was abruptly called out at assembly, in front of the school and

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Fitness is freedom

This is so right on the money! I endured a lack of fitness for some years but then gradually turned it around and now reap some of the benefits. It does take time and commitment but well worth it.

Robby Robin's Journey

Fitness is freedom.  I wonder how many of us have ever considered this sage bit of philosophizing.  I hadn’t.  As I whizzed down an aisle in our local supermarket a week or so ago, following the COVID arrows in the right direction in order to get to my intended target of the far end of the next aisle, I happened to glance over at the magazine section in passing and was stopped by this splash on one of the covers.


It caught my eye despite my focus on getting to my next item.  As a senior, I can’t tell you how strongly this phrase resonated with me.  We learn to accept increasing numbers of physical limitations, and we try to focus on the things we can do rather than the things we can no longer do.  BUT, and this is an important “but”, being (relatively) fit really does allow you…

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The mind body connection (part I)

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

mostly philosophy

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This phrase is so common in the world of fitness and sports, when one is asked to establish the mind body connection to activate muscles or to fire the brain into activating some muscles in a specific exercise. Anyone who works out is familiar to this idea. However, the mind body connection or relationship is not new in philosophy; it is actually a very old dilemma that is found also in religions. Therefore what is the mind and what is the body? Is the mind inside the body or vice-versa? Are we made of both or are these two the same dimension? In this dialectic dissertation, two potential answers are found: dualism and monism. For the depth and complexity of this subject, the study will be developed through multiple posts.

Definitions and etymologies:

Before digging into dualism and monism, the everlasting starting point of any analysis must…

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Map Monday: the future of the Arctic with global warming and economic “opportunity”

The thoughts of the US, China & Russia squabbling over the borders on our Northern coasts is truly terrifying. Even more terrifying will be the coming consequences of warming. And if we doubt this just take a look at the weather in Labrador this winter, absolutely stunning! I am truly worried for my grandkids future.

Robby Robin's Journey

As most of you know, the Northwest Passage has been in the sights of explorers and traders for literally centuries.  The dream has always been to find a shorter route from Europe to Asia than going all the way around Africa or all the way around South America.  Even today, with the Suez Canal (ouch) and the Panama Canal cutting off thousands of miles, being able to take cargo ships and freighters between Asian and European markets over a northern route would save considerable time and money if only it were a real possibility.

Thanks to man-made climate change, the loss of permanent sea ice is having a devastating impact on the people and animals that have lived in the Arctic for millennia.  Absolutely devastating. But, those same people whose zest for commercial enterprises helped bring us global warming are increasingly seeing that the dream of a  navigable Northwest Passage…

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Liberal Principles– Oxymoron?

The Liberals remember a principle at a convenient time CAMPBELL CLARKPUBLISHED 1 DAY AGOUPDATED 1 DAY AGOFOR SUBSCRIBERS131 COMMENTSSHARE  TEXT SIZEBOOKMARK00:00Voice1x Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez responds to a question in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Dec. 11, 2020. Rodriguez declared in the Commons last Thursday that the government now tell its [...]

Please Advise! Did Conservatives Just Solve Climate Change?

Pretty clever, their vote of no confidence in science, right Dr. Steve? Steve Burgess 22 Mar 2021 | Steve Burgess writes about politics and culture for The Tyee. Find his previous articles here Well, it was just a suggestion. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole. Photo by Sean Kilpatrick, the Canadian Press. [Editor’s note: Steve Burgess is an accredited spin doctor [...]