Liberal Principles– Oxymoron?

The Liberals remember a principle at a convenient time CAMPBELL CLARKPUBLISHED 1 DAY AGOUPDATED 1 DAY AGOFOR SUBSCRIBERS131 COMMENTSSHARE  TEXT SIZEBOOKMARK00:00Voice1x Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez responds to a question in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Dec. 11, 2020. Rodriguez declared in the Commons last Thursday that the government now tell its [...]

Please Advise! Did Conservatives Just Solve Climate Change?

Pretty clever, their vote of no confidence in science, right Dr. Steve? Steve Burgess 22 Mar 2021 | Steve Burgess writes about politics and culture for The Tyee. Find his previous articles here Well, it was just a suggestion. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole. Photo by Sean Kilpatrick, the Canadian Press. [Editor’s note: Steve Burgess is an accredited spin doctor [...]

Human nature and car boom-boxes

Just happens to be one of my pet peeves!

Matthew Wright

Humans are an odd species. A few weeks back I was enjoying a cup of coffee at a footpath table, outside a café in a small shopping centre. A vehicle pulled up nearby, sound system absolutely thundering. The car stopped, doors and windows open, and somebody ran into a shop. They obviously weren’t going to be there long.

The music was a slow 4/4 beat with burping low-frequency bass, topped by vocals that seemed to consist mostly of aggressive shouting.

The issue was less the genre (which I believe was gangsta rap) than the way it was being played. The driver had turned the volume up to the point where the bass set the speakers buzzing. One of the reasons drivers do this is physics. It takes half a wavelength for any frequency to reach maximum amplitude. Thirty hertz, which is about the frequency of the bass notes this guy…

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When Kenney’s done with the threat of ‘Bigfoot Family,’ he should get to Sesame Street

ROBYN URBACKPUBLISHED MARCH 19, 2021UPDATED 4 HOURS AGOFOR SUBSCRIBERS101 COMMENTSLOADING...SHARE  TEXT SIZEBOOKMARK00:00Voice1x Alberta Premier Jason Kenney listens as the 2021 budget is delivered in Edmonton on Feb. 25, 2021.JASON FRANSON/THE CANADIAN PRESS There has never been a more frightening time to be a parent. No, it’s not because we are in the midst of a global pandemic, [...]

Map Monday: what happens to all that plastic?

Maybe we could all use less and reuse more?

Robby Robin's Journey

It was back in December when a fellow blogger, Kavitha at SunshinySA Site,
posted what for me was a sit-up-and-take-notice fact: Coca Cola scores hat trick as world’s worst plastic polluter worldwide.  Yes, for the third year in a row, Coca Cola labels were identified on discarded plastic trash more frequently by cleanup volunteers around the world than any other brand.  What a frightening unintended consequence of having such popular products.

[Click on any map to zoom in on details.]

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This realization reminded me of the horrifying moment a few years ago when I learned that the plastic waste that we have all been conscientiously separating out and putting in recycling bins every other week hasn’t been recycled at all.  It’s been being sent to developing countries in Asia for them to recycle – or to put in their landfills instead of ours. …

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Climate Change Will Reshape Silicon Valley As We Know It The next entrepreneurial revolution will arise to combat the crisis of our lifetime. PHOTOGRAPH: WEI FANG/GETTY IMAGES HIGH-PROFILE ENTREPRENEURS LIKE Elon Musk, venture capitalists like Peter Thiel and Keith Rabois, and big companies like Oracle and HP Enterprise are all leaving California. During Covid-19, Zoom-enabled tech workers are discovering the benefits of remote work from cheaper, [...]

Map Monday: understanding history through animated maps

These are good and especially at this point in History which I think most of us forget that we are history. I especially like the Viking part as my Viking brother-in-law keeps reminding me of how great Norway was and still is small but mighty!

Robby Robin's Journey

More than once I’ve presented maps of empires throughout history as Map Monday offerings, in part to remind us all that things don’t stay the same. Empires (and nations) rise and empires (and nations) fall. It’s a reality that most of us don’t stop and consider often enough, because our worldview is constrained by our own experiences and our own timeframe. Our worldview is a snapshot in time. But history has many lessons to teach us, and one is that change is inevitable, especially if we do not pay attention to what’s changing around us.

The history of Europe is one case in point. Throughout the centuries – even millenia – centres of power and the well-being of citizens across that continent have waxed and waned. Wars have been fought over raw power, religion, culture, languages … you name it.  I think that’s why I personally consider the European Union…

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