You have not been harmed!

The last year has been rough. It’s not how any of us would have chosen for things to go. Working from home. Cancelled trips. No unnecessary trips to the store, no concerts, no weddings or parties. Lost time with older loved ones—maybe even lost loved ones.

There’s no question—we missed out on stuff. It was a tragic event of historical proportions. But you have to catch yourself and how you think about it. Because it’s already becoming a narrative: It’s not fair. It was the worst year in history. It’s caused irreparable damage.

No, what happened was life. And life has never been easy. Did you ever talk to your grandparents or great grandparents about their experiences as children during the Depression or WWII? Yet did you ever once hear them complain about how it screwed them over or ruined their lives? About how they never recovered? No. In fact, much of their wisdom and resilience was rooted in what they learned from living through those transformative experiences.

Well, look at you, you endured an equally transformative moment of history. Yes, you lost things. Yes, much of this was preventable. Yes, it was hard. But you have also gained things. You’ve learned things. You were reminded of what was important. You have grown stronger for having to struggle. You are still standing. That says something.

Start seeing it this way. Ignore the narrative that makes you worse. Remember what Marcus said: “Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is colored by such impressions.” Color your mind with those thoughts. Because they’re true. You’re a survivor. You’re resilient. You have not been harmed the way people want to say you’ve been harmed. You’re going to turn this into something. It has already made you something.

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